Best Flower Bud Doll Review

Seriously, there are times when a review practically writes itself.  Best Flower Bud Doll from Jay at Play is 100% that review!! 

I opened the box and saw how cute this was and went and grabbed my camera before showing Alice.  I hope this little 20 second video makes you laugh as much as it does me.
First I swear to you Alice is saying “Look at THAT!”  You watch her video and decide! 10 months old and said her very first full sentence!! 
Alice is in LOVE with her Best Flower Bud Doll.  

The little flower pot is soft and pliable.  The doll is sewn inside and she pulls out. Then turn the pot inside out and little Blue Belle sits up on her own.
Course….. pushing the doll into the pot and letting Alice pull her out cracks her up every SINGLE time  so because I love to hear her laugh I do that …. a LOT.  Little Blue Belle is holding up very well.  As you could see in the video Alice is not a gentle girl!!

The flower hat that the little doll wears is sparkly and soft.  Ohhhh she is sooooo cute!!!!!!!

This little face is ADORABLE!!!!!  The face is stitched on.  There are sparkles on the flower top. I love the detail on this face!!  It’s all these little details that make this doll so darn cute!!  
There are several different Best Flower Bud dolls, Daisy is yellow and orange, Iris is purple, Poppy is orange, Blossom is pink. And Blue Bell our sweet little Best Flower Bud. 
Each doll comes in a 9″ and a 5″ size.  We reviewed the 9″ Blue Belle.  All the Best Flower Bud Dolls are available at ToysRUs.  Check ’em out.  They are SWEET!!!  I’m thinking we need Blossom next!!  Maybe Daisy too.  Which one is your favorite??  


  • Anonymous

    im a kid but not a little kid and i rlly love them i just want more and more!! u shud try buying little miss muffin which i think is series one they r cute too 😉

    • Anonymous

      well they actually came out with a similar idea in the ninetys and eightys ppl said but i wasnt born yet so idk rlly what they were but this idea was interesting an i rlly love em!!!!!!

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