Check Out The MunchPak!! Yummy Subscription Box!

Ummmm YUM!!!! Sunday nights is family dinner night it was a perfect time to get family opinions on a box full of munchies!! Starting with the cute box check out the

Inside the cute little box is an equally cute postcard (I am a sucker for packaging! I love the added little cute things)
So, what is a MunchPak? It’s a monthly subscription box of delicious snacks from around the world. This box was packed full of goodies!! This monthly subscription box features new and popular snacks from around the world. Snacks come from Japan, Germany, Brazil, Israel, Finland, Canada, Australia, Sweden even a few US-based treats are in the box.

A few of the goodies in the box are tried and true snacks. Doritos plain. It’s been awhile since I’ve had plain Doritos, I forgot how much I really, REALLY like them!! They immediately went on our grocery list. Cheetos. YUM! Who doesn’t love Cheetos!? I must have been living in a cave somewhere because I didn’t know they made Cheetos in a round form! Still tasty!

Then came the sweet goodies! A couple I wish I hadn’t taken out of the box! Definitely hide worthy!! I’m going to start with my two favorites! Nestles Mypa are so good!!!! Wafers, chocolate and caramel. YUMMMM!!  Honey Stinger Chocolate Waffles are very good! Not ‘too’ sweet. Those two are my top favorites.

The Hi-Chew Bites, it’s like eating an orange vanilla shake. So good! Next up are the fini Roller Candy is so sour it will make your eyes water!! Covered in sugar it’s that sweet sour goodness.

ETi Pop Kek is a great coffee cake like texture with chocolate frosting. That is another I wish I would have hidden!

Next up was a candy sucker that you design. The texture is more like a firm cotton candy. There are two packages of candy, a mold with a little kitty and a little puppy. 4 sticks included. This was super cute and I want these for  Christmas Stockings.

This would be a great holiday gift!! A gift that would keep giving all year-long! Visit for snacks from around the world.

$9.95 monthly for MunchPak Mini (5+ full size snacks)

$19.95 monthly for Original MunchPak (10+ full size snacks)

$39.95 monthly for FamilyPak (20+ full size snacks)

MunchPak ships everywhere! USA, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Spain, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, and the United Kingdom.

New and popular snacks from around the world

Each and every box is different, so every month is a surprise!


Paaaaaalease!! I just had a packed box of goodies!! What can I whine about?! Okay, maybe that I had to share but that would be my only whine. I love this MunchPak subscription box!!



  • The Mom

    I was one of the lucky ones for the taste test! They are all so good, perfect gift for the hard to buy for person on your list

  • Tamra Phelps

    I’ve seen several of these goodies on line & wondered if they were good. That chocolate waffle looks like a winner!


    No, see, that’s just no good! I’m an all-or-nothing kind of woman and would quite happily scoff the lot & then berate myself and feel guilty and ashamed for days! I know they say ‘everything in moderation’ but one is never enough!

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