Cygnett CarGo Car Mount for iPad!

CarGo by Cygnett 1I’m in the car……. A LOT!! Most times I have Alice in the backseat. Alice isn’t 2 years old yet, so her car seat is rear facing. There is no ‘catching her eye’ in the rear-view mirror to keep her entertained. What is all this leading too?  To the GREATEST invention EVER with the Cygnett CarGo Car Mount for iPad 2 / iPad 3’s.

First, it’s amazingly simple to install.  SO EASY!! Easy and adjustable too! Cygnett CarGo will fit any cars!! Bonus the grips that hold the metal part of your headrest is padded and won’t leave a mark on the metal.

Adjustable. Totally and completely adjustable. You can adjust angle of your iPad vertical or horizontal. You can adjust it to any angle with the 360-degree rotation and tilt feature. You can adjust the Cygnett anyway you want to guarantee glare free viewing. My iPad didn’t move at all!! The little finger grips on the CarGo held my iPad with no shake. My iPad didn’t move at all during travel.

CarGo by Cygnett 5

Releasing my iPad is so EASY I can do it ONE HANDED!!

See that little lever? Click it down and out comes your iPad.

CarGo by Cygnett 7Seriously, SO EASY!! By the time I get Alice out of her car seat I already have my hands full. So, this one hand release is INCREDIBLE!!  INCREDIBLE!! I can’t rave about the release enough.

The CarGo allows you to plug in chargers and earphones too!!

Honestly, I want to scream from rooftops how amazing this product is!!  The Cygnett CarGo mount is perfect!! SO easy to install, use and release.

CarGo will be a LIFE saver for the ride to Yosemite in May.
AMAZING product that I give two very enthusiastic thumbs up!!

Check out for an outstanding selection of mobile accessories!

AND! Check it out they have iPad 3 car holders too!!

Disclosure I received complimentary products for the purpose of my review. No other compensation was provided. The opinions are mine and 100% honest. I have not been influenced in any way.



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