We have construction!!  WOOO HOOO!!  The contractor arrived this morning bright and early.  The digging began so we can lay the foundation!!  That deserves another WOOO HOOO!!  So tonight I arrived home anxious to take my first ‘progress’ picture!  Now… here is where someone should have been  video taping ME!!  This is how my brain works (or doesn’t work)……. DH leaves me a note “Watch where you step outside there are lots of trip hazards”  Okay fine. I am focused on the port-a-poddy at the end of the yard.  NOT where I am walking.  DH has put a small chicken wire fence for Gracie to be able to use a small part of the yard without trying to get the workers to play tug-a-war when she is out.  I KNOW the fence was there.  I remember DH telling me it would close off at the patio. I KNOW this… but as I am walking against the fence trying to figure out why I can’t move… trying to lift my foot … maybe shift to the right? I didn’t remember any of the warnings!  Nope! Not me… I’m still trying to walk!! I’m sure had someone been watching me I looked like a drunk trying to walk against a clean glass door.  Did I look down?  Nooooo!! Maybe see what the obstacle is that is not allowing my STILL moving legs go through?  NOOOOOO not me! I’m in a constant walking motion against the fence!  Oh I can just hear my Grandma Jones “That’s my rattle-brained Connie Sue for you!”  Yup.  52 and still a rattle brain!!


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