Duck duct duck

I’ve always heard that insanity runs in the family…. you get it from your KIDS! But I may have actually passed the gene to my son Zachary! Zac is going on a THOUSAND mile bike ride from San Diego to San Francisco to benefit Diabetes. I am hoping you’ll go check out his website. (just like all my posts the different color is a direct link. Just double click)

Pacific Coast Knock Out: 1000 Miles on a Kikker HardKnock

Me? I’m going to go to bed before I go dig around in the fridge for food. I did really good all day and all of a sudden 10:15 at night and my stomach is growling. You know it’s true, there isn’t anything that you can’t fix with duct tape……… that reminds me 1000 miles… better call Zac and tell him to buy duct tape.

BTW do you know how hard it was to type DUCT instead of the proper name DUCK?!?!?


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