EDGY Wine Foil Cutter Review

What is an EDGY wine foil cutter? Well, it’s the coolest little wine gadget ever. Okay, wine aficionado’s look away; I normally use a sharp knife to cut the foil around my wine bottles. Not great for the knife and not a very aesthetically pleasing wine bottle either!

When Edgy Wine approached me to try out the Edgy I was thrilled. I’ve come to realize this is an awesome tool!

Most bottles come with aluminum foil covering the entire top of the bottle. My old foil removal was NOT the best way to remove the foil. The Edgy literally took 3 seconds at the most!! My old way was a LOT longer!!

The Edgy Foil Cutter is similar to can opener; there are four razor-sharp cutting wheels on the underside of the Edgy that slice around the very tip of the wine bottle. This little guy removing the top portion of the foil exposing the cork. My bottle looks beautiful, like I actually know what I’m doing with wine!

The foil cutter fits in my hand perfectly. It’s not awkward to use in the least. I can even use this one-handed!

Place the Edgy on the top of the bottle, gently squeeze and twist going completely around the bottle 360 degrees. The perfectly cut piece of foil simply falls off.

The simple design that works perfectly!! Works perfectly every time!

The Edgy arrives nestled in a beautiful black box with Edgy written in silver. Absolutely beautiful packaging.

This should be presented with every gift of wine! This is one little gadget that will be thoroughly appreciated.

MORE to love!! Edgy offers a LIFETIME WARRANTY.


Not a single one. The Edgy wine foil cutter is super easy to use. Arrives ready for gift giving. 100% LIFETIME warranty. What could I possibly whine about??


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