Halloween idea’s

I love Halloween!  I think it’s my very favorite holiday.  So here are some cute decorating ideas with candy corn I took from Women’s Day.

Candy Corn Craft Ideas

At this time of year, it seems candy corn does grow on trees. Pick a few clean-looking branches from your yard and hot-glue kernels onto them in clumps of twos and threes in various spots, concentrating on the ends and the Vs where the twigs branch off. Wedge the trunk of the branch into a small Styrofoam or floral square (available at crafts stores) and rest it in the base of a vase. Fill the vase to the brim with corn to cover the Styrofoam.
Candy corn craft idea
Gather several Styrofoam spheres and hot-glue the bases of candy corns (we used Brach’s and Jelly Belly) tightly round and round the balls. Set atop containers or group in a bowl on the table.
Candy corn garlandWhy pop kernels for a swag when you can string the candy kind? Thread monofilament fishing line (at hardware stores) onto a needle and poke it through the candies, avoiding areas where the colors meet— corn can break at those points.
Hang on a mantel or a staircase using cloth tape.

Candy corn craft idea

Fill glass hurricanes or cylinders about a third of the way with candy corn and rest a pillar in the center of each. The candy will keep the candles standing upright; just don’t leave lit candles unattended.
Then when you’re done I have a few other Halloween ideas.

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