Rocky Horror Picture Show

What did we do before we had DVR’s?  I am so excited about tonight’s line-up, the new show “Raising Hope” HOLY MOLY that show is FUNNY!!  If you haven’t watched it you REALLY need to watch at least one episode I’m sure you will be as hooked as I am. But the show I’m the most excited about tonight is Glee!! Glee is doing one of my ALL time favorite movies…. Rocky Horror Picture Show.  Seriously if you haven’t given Glee a chance you need too.  The singing is phenomenal!  But add cute show AND ROCKY?!?!?! HELLO!!??!  I’m in Heaven!!  Warning…. if you are anywhere near my house you may want to sport some ear plugs… I just can’t NOT sing when it’s Rocky Horror!  I doubt my favorite part of Rocky won’t be on Glee… Dr. Frank-N-Furter in the elevator… but still….  they did manage to get Meatloaf AND Barry Bostwick from the original Rocky Horror on Glee.

Dr. FRANKENFURTER Rocky Horror Picture show

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