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Helping Children in Their Time of Need

Have you stopped to think about how many children out there truly need help?

While millions of kids wake up and go to bed each day in happy and healthy home environments, there are plenty who have much different living conditions facing them on a daily basis.

Whether it is an unhealthy situation in the home involving verbal and/or physical abuse, not fitting in with the family they have now, or trying to get adopted, countless kids are in search every day of a better home environment.

With that being the case, are you someone who has the talents and the patience to help younger ones in need?

Put Your Talents and Time to Work
In the event you have a special love for children, becoming a social worker could very well be right up your alley.

So how do you know if you’re best suited to work with children, especially those needing some extra care.

Among the ways you can do this:
1. Becoming a social worker – This is a great field to enter if you like helping others, trying to solve problems that some may feel are too tough to handle. In doing so, you can help set many children (and adults for that matter) on the path to more enjoyable lives. In looking at how social workers help children, look to see how your personality and background can best meet those needs. Whether you’ve planned on becoming a social worker for a while now or have been thinking about a career change into the social worker field, there are many opportunities available to change people’s lives for the better;


2. Moms oftentimes know best – If you’re a mother, you certainly have your fair share of experience with children (unless you’re just a new mom of course). That said being a social worker and assisting children can bring many rewards. Although people oftentimes underestimate children and their ability to think and process everything going on around them, many kids are much smarter than their ages may lead you to believe. If you’ve been a mother for a while now, you undoubtedly know that today’s children are growing up much faster than those from decades ago. With the Internet and more being thrown at them, many kids have a better sense of the environment around them. For those children dealing with tough home lives, a social work who is also a mother can be just what kids need. Whether you’ve been a social worker for a short time and are still essentially learning on the job, or you have worked in this field for many years, your experiences as a mother can prove invaluable to many young ones;

3. Listening before acting – Social workers oftentimes are thrust into situations that can prove uncomfortable, maybe even downright scary at times. That said it is important to get all the facts possible before making a decision one way or another. For example, you may be in a home where a child or children are not doing well in school, one or both parents are struggling with work and/or drugs, and there is no true support system in place for either the kids or the adults. Some might think that separating the child or children from the adult or adults for a period of time is the best solution. Others, meantime, may feel it best to keep everyone together, though suggest some form of family counseling. What is most important is hearing all sides of the argument (including the child or children unless they are too young to communicate properly). Even though you ultimately may have to make a tough recommendation as to what should happen in the home, listening and getting as many of the facts as possible is oftentimes in everyone’s best interests.

Working with children can be incredibly frustrating and/or provide you with feelings of love and accomplishment, especially if you can find a solution to what is ailing them.
As a social worker, the ability to communicate with children and adults in the same household setting is crucial.

If a child or children can speak for themselves, listen to what they have to say. Even if the adult or adults in the home say otherwise, don’t leave the scene with the children feeling like there is no hope.

Being a social worker oftentimes means being that beacon of hope for younger people.
That said are you ready to help children in their time of need?


  • Kate Sarsfield

    My aunt was a social worker for years but had to take early retirement due to ‘burnout’. The sector is so under-funded she knew that if she took time off work, that there would be no-one else to investigate urgent cases. So she felt guilty … vicious circle.

  • William

    It is very important to help children in their time in need, people need to realize that they are the future of our planet, country, and communities. Even if it is not your child, if you notice a child in need, take the time to see if you can help, it may go a long way. Great post!

  • Tamra Phelps

    I have a few social workers in the family & I know it is an exhausting job, but I think they get a lot of satisfaction out of it, too. It is just heartbreaking what some kids go through every day.

  • Linda Manns Linneman

    Being a social worker sounds like a very interesting job and on in which you could possibly help many people. Thank you for sharing this heart felt message

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