iGearPro 8GB Digital Audio Voice Recorder

Sometimes inspiration comes at the oddest times! Since my morning commute is about 20 to 30 minutes long depending on traffic I have that time to think about how to describe to you guys my latest find. Without a doubt I’ll think of the perfect wording or a great description as I’m driving; of course, traffic in Southern California has two speeds FAST AS HELL and dead stop and usually within say ohhhh a half a mile apart from each other!! So, jotting things down is NOT an option!! Neither is emailing myself notes like I do in the middle of the night! DO NOT TEXT and drive!!  (That was my public service announcement for the day)

Check out my solution!! This is the iGearPro 8GB Digital Audio Voice Recorder a multifunctional and very portable, rechargeable Dictaphone, MP3 player. First, it’s lightweight so it’s easy to take with you. The folks at iGearPro really thought of everything with this little guy; among the cords that arrive with the voice recorder is a cord with a small microphone on it and a clip. I leave the recorder in my purse and attach the clip to my collar and yak away while I’m driving!

There are more attachments that arrive with this little gem, like a telephone adapter; you can easily record any telephone conversation. It also comes with ear-buds, a USB connection for transferring files to your PC, and an audio cable. I can even download my music files from my computer to my recorder.

The iGearPro is not just lightweight, but small and handy too. You don’t need to plug this into the computer to listen to your recordings which I love!

With 8 GB’s of memory it will hold a lot!


DH and his father have a weekly breakfast date. Lately, the topic has been about family history, family memories. Now, DH not only can keep the sound of his father’s voice, but memories too. DH can replay bits and pieces for the family book the two are creating.


The iGearPro supports WinXP, Vista, 2000, Win7 and MP3, WMA, MP1, MP2 Format, WAV Format Recording.

There is a built-in lithium battery. I can get almost a full 13 hours of continuous recording before I need to move files to my computer or backup drive.

1. One-touch recording & high quality recording.
2. Three recording modes.
3. VAR/VOR system(voice activated/operated recording).
4. Recording via high-grade built-in microphone.
5. Playing back via high quality speaker.
6. Recording telephone conversations.
7. Recording via external microphone.
8. LCD screen with color backlight.
9. Working as drive free USB flash disk.
10. Built-in rechargeable lithium battery.
11. Low battery indicator function.
12. Time stamp, display hours and minute (24-hour format).

The iGearPro has a clear LCD display. Simply press REC and then STOP, it will automatically save your recording as a new file. Recording files can be easily sorted through and deleted. The hard drive on the recorder is already formatted for you. There is even the option of voice activated recording. After you turn on your voice recorder; click the M button on the side, to toggle to the settings mode and through the menu use the fast forward, rewind button. is a small b: Voice Operated Recording This recorder is multifunctional to say the least!! A-B repeat function, MP3 function, different languages, delete function, USB connection(USB connection battery charging/file transfer cable) for uploads and downloads. Great for conferences, meetings, lectures, classes, and many other events.

The recorder is approximately 3¼” in length and about 1¼” in width.

A huge bonus for me is that the recorder is easy to use! Even the enclosed instruction booklet is easy to understand.  Check this out, the recorder has 24 different languages.

Playback is easy, just select either repeat one or repeat all.


Not a single one!! The recorder is small, lightweight and easy to use. The recorder is sleek-looking. The LCD on the front of the unit is a big plus because I can adjust the brightness easily, making everything on the screen easy to read!  I’ve been using the recorder for the last 8 days; everyday without a single additional charge. What more could I possibly ask for?!?!


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  • Sarah L

    I’ve had a couple of voice recorders but they either stopped working or just don’t hack it. This would be just right for my use.

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