Melatonin – Why is it Essential for Your Good Health?


Melatonin, an important hormone produced in the brain of humans, is responsible for carrying out a wide range of activities.  One of the primary roles of this hormone is that it actively participates in the management of circadian (daily) rhythms. Melatonin also has a role to play in various medical conditions. These include and are not restricted to Alzheimer’s disease, exposure to radiations and tinnitus. The hormone production takes place in the pineal gland of the brain. It helps in controlling the regularity of sleep patterns. Melatonin is found in certain types of food substances and can also be obtained in the form of pills.

Here, we aim to discuss the significance of melatonin in the human body. In the paragraphs that follow, you’ll get to know about the reasons why people choose to go for melatonin pills or supplements. You will also learn about the warnings and side effects of consuming the products containing melatonin.

Important Things to Know About Melatonin

In the early stages of its findings, melatonin was found in and extracted from the pineal glands of cows. The supplements related to melatonin may showcase a few side effects. However, this does not decrease their quantum of use or popularity as the pills/ supplements can still be consumed with (and can interact well) with many other drugs. According to the information presented in the article how melatonin benefits you from Microbe Formulas it is evident that melatonin is primarily used for the treatment of sleep disorders. Along with regulating the sleep patterns in humans, this hormone plays an important role in managing the circadian “clock” that’s present in the suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN) of the hypothalamus.

Melatonin’s Role in Circadian Rhythm Disorders

If you are intending to take melatonin pills in the morning then you may expect your circadian rhythms to shift later on. In the same manner, if you are planning to take melatonin supplements towards the evening then you will find yourself sleeping earlier on than you would normally do. Given the effect that melatonin has on sleeping patterns, it has been found to be beneficial for treating different circadian sleep disorders such as those caused by jet lags, stress, shift work, and delayed sleep phases.

Dosage of Melatonin

Research is still underway regarding the dosage of melatonin that’s most effective. So far, 0.3 mg to 10 mg doses of melatonin have been studied and are being prescribed to people. It has been found that low doses of this hormone may provide better results than the higher ones. For instance, just by taking a small portion of the dose, of only 0.3 mg, the natural melatonin production of the user’s body can be regulated and controlled fittingly. On the other hand, taking large-size doses may lead to a spurt in the melatonin levels present in your bloodstream.

Timing of Melatonin Dose

It has also been found that the timing of the melatonin dose is of more importance than the dose itself. There is no perfect or set timing for taking the dose. Moreover, the timing would be different for different people and depend on their age, health conditions, and sleep-related problems. In some cases, the treatment may have a greater impact if it’s a part of the bright light therapy. This therapy incorporates exposure to safe but intense amounts of light in the morning hours of the treatment. It is used for signaling to the body that the day has broken and the time to wake up and get about regular tasks has arrived.

Melatonin Side Effects?

Luckily, there are very few and far-reaching side effects that are associated with the use of melatonin. None of these side effects are serious or fatal in nature. However, very little information is present regarding the long-term usage of melatonin and further research is underway. Do note that melatonin may prove to be unsafe in combination with certain medications, especially those that have been recommended for the treatment of various disorders of mental health.

It is essential to speak to your health specialist regarding the side effects of melatonin before starting on its pills or supplements. In case you’ve been diagnosed with circadian rhythm sleep disorders or insomnia, then you would require the help of certified sleep physicians to assess the right course of treatment for you.

How Can You Feel and Sleep Better with Melatonin?

Sleep-related issues are very common in the USA and often have severe and irreversible consequences. For instance, lack of sleep or serious sleep disorders can drain off your energy, increase your risk of diabetes and other cardiovascular diseases, and lower your productivity. The proper production, control, or supplementation of melatonin allows your body to understand the right time to go to sleep. The act also prevents the incidence of sleep-related disorders and serves as an effective aid for those struggling to sleep well and in good time.

May Treat Heartburn and Stomach Ulcers

Melatonin comprises of natural antioxidants that may serve to be helpful for the treatment of heartburns and stomach ulcers. As per recent studies, the intake of melatonin in addition to tryptophan and omeprazole provides relief for acid refluxes. The mix is also useful in healing the stomach ulcers attributed to H. pylori, a certain type of bacteria. Those suffering from gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) have also been prescribed the recommended dose of omeprazole or melatonin, or a mix of both, for the treatment of the signs and symptoms of GERD.

Melatonin – To Take or Not to Take

Melatonin serves to be a popular and effective supplement that makes it possible for users to fall asleep, especially when they are going through a jet lag or suffering from insomnia. There are some other advantages of taking melatonin pills or supplements as well. You may want to research online or get in touch with your health care specialist to know more about what to expect when you start on a dose of melatonin – either on your own or after a consultation with them.


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