Neck Vitalizer for Neck and Shoulder Pain!


Ever since I found out I could correct my Forward Head Posture and alleviate my neck and shoulder pain, I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect product.  This is the Neck Vitalizer. This is a handy little item!!  Not only will it help my neck problems but if you have TOS Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, Anterior Head Translation or Corporate Syndrome, you need a Neck Vitalizer too!!!  

Neck Vitalizer TM

Do you often have neck pain and/or shoulder pain?
Do you often work at a desk or in front of a computer?
Do you have Forward Head Posture, also known as , Anterior Head Translation, or Corporate Syndrome?
Do you have TOS – Thoracic Outlet Syndrome?

If so, the relief for your pain and budget is right here – easy, effective, economical and fast.

– Neck Vitalizer™ offers 4 main advantages:
– Neck Vitalizer™ not only corrects Forward Head Posture, but also relieves Closed Chest Syndrome,
– Neck Vitalizer™ allows you full and continuous control and adjustment of therapy intensity
– Neck Vitalizer™ allows you to receive neck and chest therapy anywhere you need it, at home or on the road
– Neck Vitalizer™ saves money and storage space

I’ve told you before I really do have horrible posture. I slouch, I do my writing on the laptop and slouched on the couch, not good writing posture at all.  A slouched sitting posture often causes the head to protrude forward leading to a posture called “Anterior Head Carriage” or “Forward Head Posture”. All that means I put a lot of stress on my neck and shoulder muscles.  Did you know that each inch of forward protrusion of the head from its neutral position, the stress on the head-holding neck and shoulder  muscles increases by 100%. People with FHP often protrudes their heads forward 2 inches or more. This means that the effort required of the head-holding muscles often double, triple even quadruple, which, over time, leads to persistent pain in the neck or shoulders.

No wonder my shoulders and neck ache all the time!!  The Neck Vitalizer is so easy to use!! I lie on my back, I place the Neck Vitalizer between my shoulder blades, then I pump up the Neck Vitalizer and within seconds I can feel the tension leave my neck and shoulders.  My head drops back and my chest opens up. Instant relief!! I use the Neck Vitalizer before I go to sleep at night, and since it has a carrying case I take it with me and use it when Alice lays down for her nap.  I use the Neck Vitalizer from 20 minutes to an hour. I’ve read that I can actually sleep on it too.  While I have fallen asleep on it, I haven’t gone all night.  I can use it anywhere! Anytime!! 

DH says he can actually SEE a difference in my FHP!  I know I can feel a big difference.


This process effectively reestablish the neuro-pathway for your healthy neck curvature and head posture, i.e. effective teach your head and neck about and remember how they should be carried on your shoulders. By doing so, Neck Vitalizer also helps effectively prevent FHP.

I give The Neck Vitalizer two very enthusiastic thumbs WAY UP!!!  You can visit a clinic close to you and test it for yourself or purchase one on-line at

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