Part of me wants to scream DON’T go in!!!  The other part is screaming come here…. look at this!!  Come here… wait… don’t go… Ya….come on I want to show you.

Pinterest clip artI have ‘pinned’ so many things it’s insane.  What have I pinned?  Crafts I want to make.  Things I want to cook.  Pictures I want to take.  It’s like a magazine of fresh pictures everyday!!
I am so addicted!! I’ve wasted so much time looking in here it’s NUTS!!
I’ve decided to make a board of  “This Month’s Bucket List” I am going to pin 4 things on the new board that I will make in December.  That’s my goal. You’ll have to follow me on Pinterest to see how I do and what my projects are.
If you want an invite to Pinterest (DON’T do it!!) leave me your email in the comments…. it’s SO much fun you will LOVE it!!  (DON’T do it!! it’s addicting!) Okay do it… but then just don’t blame me for making the day go by with lightening speed!
Pinterest clip art


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