Shoes, Shoes, Oh Lovely Shoes!! Thank You #HotterOriginal!!

6 years ago when I retired from the optometrist’s office was the last time I wore high heel shoes. Now, I wear jeans and paint stained t-shirts pretty much as a uniform. Five-year-old Alice really doesn’t care if I’m wearing makeup, pfffftttt she doesn’t even care if I have brushed my hair! She does have strong feelings about bad breath though, so you can be assured I do brush my teeth.

So, you can 100% describe my style as a casual dresser. I’m a casual dresser with outstanding footwear!! I am completely and thoroughly a Hotter Shoe girl; completely and totally. These are comfortable shoes straight out of the box. I adore their shoes; first because Hotter makes the MOST comfortable shoes. Comfort as in; chase a five-year-old, walk home from Kindergarten, shopping, then out to dinner with The Husband; all day long comfortable shoes. So much so that I start wearing them at 6 a.m and when I walk in the door around 7:30 I’m not desperate to remove my shoes. They are actually slipper comfortable! For me that is saying a LOT!! The moment I am at my daughters house or the moment I arrive home my shoes are off, not when I’m wearing my Hotter Shoes.

Nirvana Hotter Shoes

Now, even though these are amazingly comfortable doesn’t mean they are ugly.  These are super, CUTE!! CUTE!! CUTE shoes. After all life is too short to wear ugly shoes!

Nirvana Hotter Shoes

These shoes are called Nirvana and I ordered the Crimson Red. I’ve always wanted a bright red pair of shoes and these did not disappoint!  These are a new arrival at Hotter. They are lightweight shoes with excellent padding to truly envelope your feet in comfort.

Nirvana Hotter Shoes
The top of the shoes have a beautiful cutout. There is a carved button on the side that adds pop to the design.  The Nirvana Shoe comes in other colors as well:

  • Black: Leather
  • Blue River: Nubuck
  • Crimson: Nubuck
  • Soft Beige: Leather

The shoes also have removable insoles. The shoes are a slip on; no muss no fuss. The heel height is 1″. The soles of these shoes are all polyurethane. The soles have great grip even in rain! No slipping or sliding here. Nirvana Hotter Shoes

As far as sizing goes these are spot on. Did I mention these are the most comfortable shoes ever!!

Nirvana Hotter Shoes

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Nope, not a single whine here. These are truly a comfortable, good looking, aptly named pair of shoes!! So? What could I possibly whine about?!!? I love these shoes!! The next pair I have my eye on are these Laurel Shoes! What about you? I’d love to know your favorite pair.




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