Spring Cleaning!! Donate to Goodwill!! It’s A GOOD Thing!!!

I don’t know about you but aren’t you ready for a big dose of Spring cleaning???  I want to throw open the doors and windows and air out the house!! I want to dust like nobody’s business! I want to organize, throw out and donate room by room!! I may hate deep down cleaning but I sure do love how I feel when the house is sparkling clean!! So, could you use some extra motivation to clear out your clutter or to tackle that home organization project?

Here’s a great excuse for spring cleaning: Your donation of used clothing or household goods to Goodwill helps create jobs directly in your community. Donate Stuff. Create Jobs!!

Check this out!!  Goodwill has a Donation Impact Calculator! Just the few items that I have to donate will give 3.7 hours of career counseling!! That’s just one ROOM!!! Imagine the impact I can have by cleaning the entire house!!! (you’ll come help me clean…. right??)


Now, I’m not nuts I know I can’t power clean the whole house in one day. So I am taking the #7DaysofSpringCleaning challenge! This I CAN do!!

Day 1) Clear your closet clutter
Day 2) Time to tackle the kitchen
Day 3) Spread holiday cheer (holiday decorations, center pieces, Halloween)
Day 4) Downsize your tech toys (used laptops)
Day 5) Clean out your office supplies
Day 6) Provide quality entertainment (unused movies, video games)
Day 7) Downsize your bookshelf

Need to know where the nearest Goodwill is?? Check out the Goodwill Locator.

Just think…… when I’m all done cleaning out my house I can head to Goodwill and see what you donated!! Y’know one woman’s junk is another woman’s treasure!!

Disclosure: This post was made possible through the support of Goodwill. All opinions are my own.


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