• Merry Christmas Minions

    Did You Know There Are ONLY 9 Saturday’s Until CHRISTMAS?!?!?!

    How is this possible?? NINE?? Now I truly feel a sense of panic! NINE Saturdays until Christmas? I’m not ready. I need to know WHERE is time GOING?!?!?! I know that I’m not the only MOM, Grandma, and wife who wants to spoil their family with amazing gifts. Doesn’t every gift giver, (be truthful here!) want to give a gift that makes the recipient smile wide? Make their little hearts beat double time?   Ya know, where they look at you and say “Oh MOTHER, you amazing and generous creature”. (Now, go back and read that in your most syrupy sweet, unnatural voice. I’m looking for sarcasm here). via GIPHY With…

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