The Big Rig Trucking Industry

The big rig trucking industry has seen substantial growth over the last decade, and projected increases over the next 10 years are phenomenal. In fact, the anticipated rise in tractor-trailer truck driving jobs is 26 percent within the next five years. That includes a total of 67 percent of all of the freight transported in the United States by big rig truck drivers. Coupled with these statistics is the expected increase of 66 percent in trucking industry revenue over the next decade. That means that the key role of trucking in the economy will not end anytime soon. These statistics are based on 9.2 billion tons of freight moved by trucks annually. This figure translates to roughly $603.9 billion in annual gross freight revenue.

Presently, the trucking industry employs about 6.8 million people. Of that number, 3.5 million are truck drivers. However, there is currently a deficit of about 25,000 truck drivers in the United States. Because of this shortage, there will always be a need for good drivers. To sweeten the deal, experienced, reliable drivers may see an increase in wages as revenues increase. Big rig trucking is the backbone of America, transporting food, clothes, electronics, medicine and many other essentials. While truck driving can be a long and thankless job, it is also a unique opportunity see the nation in a way that few others experience.

Big Rig Truckers: Unsung Heroes of American Transportation (Infographic)

Big Rig Truckers: Unsung Heroes of American Transportation Infographic Presented By 2290Tax


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