What is copywriting?

What is copywriting? Do you know what a copywriter is?  I have to admit I didn’t have a clear picture. A copywriter is basically a freelance writer, salesman of print. Did you know that there is a high demand for copywriters? Talk about a dream job for me! I could work from home, heck, I could work where ever and whenever I wanted to.
This is one of the best quotes that explains what a copywriter does. One of the easiest ways to explain the unique job of a copywriter is to say, “You know the stuff you get in your mailbox that you call junk mail?”
Copywriting is a huge and expanding industry and it’s everywhere! Catalogs, advertisements, emails and websites, even brochures and billboards. Where ever you see ad’s ….. well, a copywriter is responsible! Copywriting is not news stories or editorials, copywriters are trying to get the reader to take action. Taking action as in making a purchase, opt in to a service, engage with a company or service. Now, doesn’t that sound like a job for us?? I think so too.  
So? Now you want to know what next?  No experience or formal education. Some of the most successful copywriters didn’t even finish high school. Retired, stay at home moms you and me too!

The only thing you have to have is a computer and an Internet connection. So, what are we waiting for? 


  • Ari T

    I could make good use of my English education if I got a job as a copywriter. It would be a nice way to make supplemental money to save for other expenses, such as further education or extraneous items. I should look into finding a job like this, because if they don't require too many qualifications, I would be quite a fit.
    Thanks for sharing!

  • Rachel Tsoumbakos

    If only it were that easy to get a copywriting job! Most people who work in the industry have either studied to get there or know someone who helped them to get a foot in the door!

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