• It’s My Happiest Time Of Year!!

    Halloween is by far one of my FAVORITE times of the year.  I LOVE HALLOWEEN!!!! So much so that even with NO kids at home. Living on a remote mountain top, with very little company (can I call the UPS driver company? I mean he is here A LOT! The HUSBAND has a shopping problem. Haaaa I made a funny!) As I was saying. I LOVE HALLOWEEN. No company, no kids, not a single trick-or-treater EVER, but I still take the time to decorate for Halloween. I drag all the decorations out. I start sorting…….. and start to put them out and… is that dust? Is that grime? AND seriously,…

  • Spirit Of Halloween MADE Me Do It!

    I recently saw a funny saying on Instagram that said something to the effect of “Buy the stuff that makes YOUR estate sale INTERESTING!”  Well, MY estate sale will have people going WTH!??! (I want you to take notice that I cleaned up my WT!!) I want people to point and shake their heads speechless. I ALSO want to be a ghost standing next to them just laughing my a*@ off. So, some of you may know about Mority. It’s been established that I have a few screws loose.  I, at times, may have a slightly odd sense of humor…. so with that in mind back in 2005 Mority entered…

  • Happy Halloween!!

    Miss Barbara I LOVE you!!  Thank you for sharing this with me!! WATCH to the end!!  TRUST ME ON THIS ONE!!!!!!!  WATCH!!!!!!!!!  You’ll love me for sharing!! (okay, Miss Barbara really…. but me too!) Where did my VIDEO GO!??!?! AND now I can’t remember what it was to replace it!! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!!!!!

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