Micro LED String Lights from RTGS

Y’all know I make the entire family work here on Peanut Butter and Whine. Today’s review is courtesy of my daughter Selena wanted to share her thoughts on the Micro LED String Lights from RTGS.

My little one has a princess bed but she won’t play under it because it’s dark and boring. So I installed “Fairy Lights” under the bed. The strands have tiny lights on thin strands of silver wire that give off a warm and comforting glow. Additionally, the lights don’t get hot and don’t pose a safety concern for my wee one, HUGE PLUS. The end result is a bed she will play under, her Fisher Price Little People Princesses set up in a magical village that has provided hours of play AND a jealous mommy.

Jealous? Yes, because I found myself daydreaming about the little lights strung around my own bedroom, a warm glow enticing romance with my partner. With a three-year old, the closest we get to romance lately is a sexy text or hot kiss as we pass in the hall, one of us on the way to sort laundry. But as much as I want the lights in my room I’m way too lazy to unwind them and set them up in my room. Also I’m not going to break Alice’s heart to satisfy my neglected sex life. I desperately want to avoid explaining to Alice why Mommy needs fairy lights in her bedroom, I’m not ready for THAT discussion.

So what’s a Mommy to do?
RTGS Products has the perfect answer. 15 MICRO LED STRING LIGHTS that are battery-powered, submersible and PORTABLE!!! They come in a tiny box that – guess what? IS PERFECT FOR A WEEKEND GETAWAY because it fits perfectly in your overnight bag. So this week I am working out-of-town but within driving distance of home. Can anyone say romantic sleepover with my honey?
When hubby gets here the lights will be out. One strand of these warm inviting lights will be on the bed and the other floating in a hot tub of water and bubbles.
That’s as much as you need to know… but you get where this is going.

There are 15 super bright warm white color LEDs lights on 5 Ft long silver ultra thin wire with 4 inches between LED bulbs. There is also 12 inches of clear cable between wire and the battery box. The entire length of the LED’s is well over 6′.

These lights have over a 20 year life span. This string of lights are on ultra thin, bendable but sturdy wire with LED lights and is designed to be totally submersible but NOT BATTERY BOX!!!

BONUS!! The required 2 CR2032 batteries are included!!


RTGS lights come with batteries
Fit in a small box
Lights are bright and soft
Lights are safe and portable


Table decorations for parties, weddings
Decoration for holiday garlands
Romantic getaways

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NOT a single ONE!




    … and you can float them in water? I need them! Not that I have a sex life worth mentioning or even dreaming about but I do like to have fun in the bath and someday, who knows …?

  • Sandy Cain

    I like the ideas of these lights! When I’ve read too much Stephen King too late at night, and I KNOW there’s someone (or worse, someTHING under the bed, I could have these lights on to scare it off. And of course, make sure my foot is isn’t hanging over the bed because that’s they get you……

  • Tamra Phelps

    These fairy lights are great for wrapping around potted plants or bushes on a deck or porch, too. It gives the area some light & looks great, too.

  • Angelica

    These are beautiful! They look like little fireflies! I love LED ropes, but they’re not exactly cute. I think the uses are darn near endless for those pretty lights!

  • Carol S.

    What a wonderful idea! And a set of 2 to a pack at such an awesome price! The endless possibilities running through my mind………………..

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