Oh Mom! Or OH MOTHER?!??!

Finally, I went into my Mom’s Granny Flat today and spent a full day cleaning. I truly made a bigger mess than any one person should be able too.

So? What did I learn?  I learned that the web cam was hidden under the pile of towels on the top shelf in the bathroom.  MOTHER! If you had actually left the camera running I may have known that you were laying on the floor!!!

I also found breath mints. Dick Taxs. Yes, those mints are in the shape of little penises.

I also found 12 pairs of reading glasses. Because the woman continually told me she had lost hers.

A jar full of pop tops. All assorted sizes. Just the little tabs from cans of soda. A full jar full.

A plastic container of small folded pieces of cardboard. A FULL CONTAINER people. Small folded pieces of cardboard. WTF?!  

A dollar from Stardust Casino in Vegas.  Ya know the one that has been torn down for years and years……………

A very interesting STICKER!!  MOTHER?!?!?

Along with every single drivers license she has ever had. Blood Donation Gifts from 2005?

Tucked up on a shelf a trash box that my kids made for her from an old detergent box when they were 10 and under. So this trash box is at least 30 years old??  Yes, IT IS going to Idaho with me.

For a woman who didn’t cook I found 16 skillets (that’s NOT a typo. SIXTEEN) 5 sauce pans and 12 cupcake pans.  Really?!

I also found more wine glasses than any bar in Vista has!!  Seriously!! How many wine glasses does one woman need?? All sizes too!!! From a shot size to a JUG size. Of course I’m keeping the JUG size!!  That way I can tell The Husband “I’m ONLY going to have ONE glass of wine”

I’m only done with the bathroom and ONE pantry shelf. LORD only knows what other treasures I’ll find.


  • Rosie

    Connie, I am cracking up! As I go through things decluttering, teeny bit at a time, I do think to myself that if I die unexpectedly I don’t want to leave anything weird, I don’t think there is anything that would be actually strange, but I’m sure there are things that would puzzle, but make sense to me now. I’ll probably have all gazillion pairs of cute high heels that I haven’t worn over a decade, and some never wore (!) as I’ve joined the sneakers ‘n sensible shoes crowd. I do dust them once in a while. Another decade could go by I’ll still be dusting them – perhaps by then they’ll be antiques?

  • Minta Boggs

    OMGosh!!! I can’t believe there is actually something called dick tax lol. I loved reading about the surprises that you found. I was laughing and shaking my head to the poptarts. Thanks for making my morning so fun.

  • Blythe

    Oh Connie, I sure hope you deleted the picture of the bustier I found!!! And my mother is still breathing! Do we want to know their secrets or are “dick tax” better left for bad breath!!! Can’t wait for the next installment as you continue to clean! Want me to fly in and help? I’ll bring the wine since you have the glasses!

  • Tamra Phelps

    OK, I may have an answer to the pop tops. Was your mom crafty? My aunt is & back in the 80’s when they made those old-style pop tops, she saved them because they were used in some kind of popular diy craft thing. I don’t remember what it was–I’ll have to search Pinterest, lol. I remember we saved them for her. As for the tiny dicks—my mom had an eraser shaped like one in her billfold, lolol.

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