• AU-Rate Necklace Bezel

    Motivation. Beautiful Motivation!! #auratenyc

    Ohhhhhhhhhh Oh yes! THE NON is giddy!! I have (yes! AGAIN!!) treated myself to a gorgeous piece of jewelry!! After all, us girls gotta spoil themselves! It keeps us sane! During Covid I decided that if I have to stay home I may as well work on me. So, treadmill, sit-ups, crunches and trying very hard not to eat every thing in my path. (I know you are wondering, what on earth does this have to do with jewelry!?! I’m gettin’ there, hang on.) I decided to find a “YOU DID IT” gift to give to myself. My first choice was a gold collar necklaces. LOVE ’em! L.O.V.E T.H.E.M!!  Ohhhhhhmmmmgeeeeeeeee,…

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