• OCM blanket and pillow

    Soft and Cuddly #OCM Everything College AND Home!

    I know I’ve mentioned before how much I love my ART ROOM!!! (Isn’t that a fancy name?) My friend Penny, who comes and crafts with me, called it that and it kinda stuck. Sounds FONCy (can ya hear that FOON Ccccc pronunciation??) FOCUS Connie. FOCUS!! (Trust me inside my brain is REALLY scary! So, this is kinda normal off the rails kinda …..LOOK over there ….SHINEY!) Art Room sounds better than craft room or my office. Right? Yeah. I think so too.  Focusing, my ART ROOM!! I LOVE my amazing, ginormous space in the house. I have absolutely NO room to whine. BUT I will……….. again it’s in THE BLOG…

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