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    NOVICA Treasures From Around The World! #NOVICA #GIVEAWAY

    Y’all should sit down for this one! Especially Pam from NOVICA! I did NOT order a CONNIE Ring, as Pam referrers to them. A BIG, BOLD, silver, knuckle to knuckle ring. But NOT this time!! Not this time……….. wait, what?!?! WHO AM I!?!?!? Trust me, it took every ounce of willpower I had. Have you SEEN the selection of amazing rings on the NOVICA site?!??!?! (I also probably own a good amount of them)  All hand made, all them unique and actually made by artisans I would never have the chance to meet in real life. My choices arrived from Bali and The Andes Mountains. We all know this G’ma…

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