Fall Back in Love With Hotter Originals! #HotterOriginals

I’m not exactly a fashionista. I spend my days with five-year-old Alice. So, I’m pretty much a jeans and t-shirt NaNa. But, I do know that I am completely and thoroughly a Hotter Shoe girl; completely and totally. I adore these shoes; first because Hotter makes the MOST comfortable shoes. Comfort as in; chase a five-year-old, walk home from Kindergarten, shopping, then out to dinner with The Husband; all day long comfortable shoes.

Just because I’m wearing comfortable all day shoes doesn’t mean I’m wearing ugly shoes either!! These shoes are SO CUTE!! First in my very favorite khaki green although Hotter calls this shoe color Dark Stone.

Next reason to love this pair of shoes? The shoes are called Sugar!! Come on how cute is that?? SUGAR SHOES!!

These shoes start with an adjustable strap with leather button and hand stitching. The shoes have a padded collar and tongue, as well as leather lining and insole. Not only does the inside resemble pillows for your feet, they are so comfy the shoes FEEL like pillows hugging your feet.  Another perk is the fact that the insoles are removable.

These shoes have a nice low 1″ heel. The Sugar sports leather upper and comes in several colors. Black, Navy, Plum and Tan. The lining material also all leather. The soles of these shoes are all polyurethane. The soles have great grip; Southern California finally saw rain, as in two days worth and I was not slipping or sliding in the Sugar.

As far as sizing goes, these are very true to size.

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Nope, not a single whine here. These are truly a comfortable, good looking, aptly named pair of shoes!! So? What could I possibly whine about?!!? I love these shoes!!




    My heels days disappeared when I dislocated my knee and I have a bunion from wearing pointy stilettos back in the day; talk about ugly feet! In fact I used to say that I had the ugliest feet in Christendom but they do work wonders in the swimming pool! I’ve been in Crocs for years as they’re so comfy or just bare feet whenever I can so I seriously need some prettiness in the foot department!

  • michele

    I need comfy shoes and need something pretty also.. These shoes look like the ticket to comfort and loveliness. Thank you connie….

  • Rosie

    I’m now into shoes that are comfortable and good for your feet. It took fracturing my foot to stop wearing heels – like everywhere, and now I don’t want to do that again. I still have the heels – maybe they will be antiques someday!

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