Rechargeable Cordless Cat Dog Grooming Clippers Review

So, let’s just start right off with my Mother’s cat hates me. Ohhh I’m not kidding! This cat hisses at me, runs when she see’s me. Yup, it’s safe to say I am this cats worst nightmare. Okay, so I’m the one to clip her nails and do the icky maintenance stuff so that may have something to do with it… maybe.

This is Kitties face for everyone and I do mean EVERYONE else!! Five-year-old Alice practically lays on her.

I walk in the room and I get the evil eye. Hiss. Run. 12190107_829176323858773_5533226327708262420_n

So, the idea that my Mom wanted ME to shave the cat was almost ludicrous. I have to wrap the cat up in a towel just to trim her nails! HOW do you think I’m getting set of clippers near her?!

With the rechargeable cordless grooming clippers from PetSinc is how. First, I am thoroughly and completely amazed at how quiet this set of clippers is. Between Biscuit the Cat and Gracie our lab neither one minds these clipper at all. I couldn’t believe that kitty would not only LET me near her but allowed me to groom her! I AM blown away!!  That’s how quiet these are! You only hear a very slight hum.


The clippers themselves are rechargeable which is the second best part. There is no cord to tangle around the animal. The clippers are solid feeling and well made. The clippers are easy to hold and maneuver around the animal.  This set of clippers has all sorts of comb guides included and they are easy to change out.


The Petsinc clippers charge quickly and hold a charge well after an hour of continuous use it was still going strong. The blades have no problem going through mats of fur.

Also included is a set of scissors and a broad-pointed comb. This truly is a great set for any pet owner!


Not a single one. Petsinc Clippers are quite, they hold a good charge and they are easy to use! What could I whine about?!
By the way you don’t get to see The Cat after the shaving. Cause, welllllllll someone has never in her entire 58 years ever shaved a cat before. Ohhh if you think she hated me before? Yeah…. I just hope she doesn’t see herself in the mirror now! Oh I need practice! And maybe a YouTube instruction video as well. WAIT!! HOLD the phone!! What was I thinking!! ALICE …. ALICE got the clippers and clipped the cat!! That’s why Kitty looks like she does!! (Whew! That is a great save if I don’t mind saying so my self!!) Yup, throwin’ the kid under the buss! And quite proud of myself for thinkin’ of it! So, Amazing set of pet clippers; so easy that a five-year-old can use them.




    Why would anyone want to shave a cat? I’ve never heard of this before & I’m the one who bears the scars of 50+ years of giving ours pills, medicine, cleaning wounds, bursting abscesses, de-fleaing & de-ticking, helping during labour and hand-feeding every 2 hours when the mother couldn’t suckle her kittens!

  • Rosie

    That is nice of you to do the hard things for the cat. I’ve not used clippers on a pet, never thought of it. I’m sure there are many people who can’t afford to have their pet “done” at a pet salon for bathing, clipping, etc. This is good to know about.

  • Michele Pineda

    lol…no after pics of the cat after the clipping…too funny! But glad that the cat allowed you to do the grooming with the clippers, and that they aren’t noisy. My cat is friendly as heck, but when it comes to grooming him… he becomes evil. Thanks for the cute, informative review.

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