Super Hero Meditation Review

Super Hero Meditation Practice. 
By Jennifer Farmer Spiritual Teacher

Today’s review came at a perfect time in my life!!!  Talk about stress!!  DH retires.  DH gets a pacemaker and surgery for a heart flutter.  I’m the perfect definition for stress eating. Not sleeping. Keeping all the stress inside.  I got it all!! If there was ever a time that I needed to get in touch with my Super Hero self it’s RIGHT NOW!!

I’ve been listening to my Super Hero CD for 2 weeks.  I fall asleep every single time!! So to write my review I brought the CD with me to the hospital for DH’s surgery. If ever a time I need more relaxation it’s today!  But, I am also confident I won’t fall asleep.

First, Jennifer’s voice is calming.  She is a pleasure to listen too it’s very easy to concentrate and focus on her voice and what she is saying.  Her pace is perfection.  I am sitting up in a hard backed chair and I am relaxed.  (Please if I do fall asleep don’t let me snore or drool!!) The music is beautiful.  Reminds me of a Yoga studio. The peaks and plateau’s in the music are in sync with Jennifer’s instructions.

I’ve found my entire experience with Super Hero Meditation amazing!  The CD truly is better at relaxing me than a glass of wine. With the bonus that I feel amazing when the sessions are over.  I have found I really miss my session if I miss a day.  The sessions are short enough to do when Baby Alice naps.  (Or DH is in surgery!)  I can’t tell you how energized and ready for change I feel.  I’m a SUPER HERO!!  I am learning to be a better me!!

The first section Super Hero Part 1 runs 27 minutes.  Release unhealthy patterns and move into your Super Hero

The second section Super Hero Part 2 runs 21 minutes.  Strengthen your inner Super Hero with affirmations.

I am one that doesn’t have a lot of self confidence. Body image… is well……. we won’t go there!! And guilt??  Oh man!! Don’t get me started on guilt!!  Jennifer works on each of these.

These meditations are specifically written to help you:
Overcome and purge feelings of inadequacies.
Release and transform negative thoughts about your body
Take control of your life and plan a path of success.

Jennifer’s passion is empowering.  (I couldn’t agree more!!!!!!!) With a sensitive and delicate approach, she’ll help you shift and expand your awareness.  As she guides you through these powerful meditations, you’re left with a profound sense of emotional balance, enriched confidence and peace of mind. 

Jennifer is one of the few psychics and mediums, whom have been personally tested by Bob Olson, she is extraordinarily gifted with the ability to communicate with spirits.  Jennifer’s abilities are totally natural, and continue to evolve and strengthen.  She is genuine in her concern for the well-being of all her clients and with a delicate and sensitive touch, she’s able to shift and expand the awareness in her clients.  This shift is not only healing, but also empowering and life changing.   
Jennifer believes Meditation is a pathway to higher consciousness, intuition and your inner spirit where clarity can be found. With intuitive clarity, decisions on how to proceed become clearer.  You gain a sense of direction that is right for you. With practice, you increase the trust your of your inner-spirit and develop the courage to make changes when necessary. As result, you are more confident in yourself and decision making becomes easier and less traumatic effect on your overall wellbeing. To find out more about Jennifer, visit her website

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Want even more? Check out an 11 minute healing mediation on YouTube

You can purchase this CD at Butterfly Spirit Connections for $24.99
or the digital download for $14.99

I can’t stress how much you deserve this time for yourself!!  BE YOUR SUPER HERO!!! 

Disclosure I received complimentary products for the purpose of my review. No other compensation was provided. The opinions are mine and 100% honest. I have not been influenced in any way.

9 thoughts on “Super Hero Meditation Review

  1. I could use this myself every now & then, I hate stress. (Super Hero Meditation Review.)

  2. I think my friend would like this CD. Thanks for sharing your review. I will share your review with her. Thanks

  3. I think I need this CD – my stress level has risen lately due to job problems and I need help

  4. I am really interested in this. I subscribed to her youtube. We could be sisters, low self confidence, body image (I have one….beached whale), stressed out. Geez. I hope hubby is ok!

  5. That sounds really nice and beneficial and enjoyable at the same time. I’m a certified hypnotherapist (no longer in practice) but still use self hypnosis on a regular basis, sooooo relaxing and therapuetic. : )
    Yvonne Woodstock

  6. That is great! I am glad you have something to listen to to help you with the stress right now. I am sure you are under a lot of stress. Take some time for Connie and do something you really love doing as well as this. Your Christmas present to yourself. We are praying that everything will start to get better for you. 🙂

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