ULTRA SOFT Baby Washcloths From The Motherhood Collection!

Everything about this set of Baby Washcloths from The Motherhood Collection is fantastic. From the presentation to the wash cloths themselves!! This set of six washcloths arrives in a recycled brown box. I am very much a presentation girl; this box stands out! Cute writing, great colors. Inside the box are six rolled washcloths. Six extremely soft washcloths. E-X-T-R-E-M-E-L-Y soft! Think cashmere! Each cloth is individually wrapped with a cigar-like band again in recycled paper.

These luxuriously soft and generously sized washcloths. Each cloth is 10″ by 10″ and are on the thin side; which means they are super absorbent, but not bulky. Each cloth has a full border sewn around the extremely soft looped bamboo material. While the washcloths are very absorbent they also allow you to get a good lather going. The lather is a big help when washing a squirmy 4 year old or new baby! It’s also great for making my expensive facial cleanser go further! These washcloths feel SO good against your skin you won’t want to share with the babies! But, being the good NaNa that I am I did allow Alice to keep ONE! Yes, only one! I have more skin to clean than she does!! Alice immediately rubbed the cloth against her face then ran and wrapped her baby doll in the washcloth stating that the washcloth was softer than the dolls blanket. Hummm I guess I may have to give Alice just one more of my new cloths.

These washcloths are perfect for a day old babies skin or MY face! (ummm not a day old)

These washcloths are free of chemicals, toxins and dyes. They are perfect for sensitive and delicate skin. These are also 100% natural bamboo and 100% allergen free as well!! These washcloths machine wash and come out of the dryer as soft as the day they arrived.

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NONE!! Not a single one! These Baby Washcloths would be the perfect addition to a Baby Shower gift! Any new Mom or old Mom would flip over these!!

Don’t forget! Bamboo is a perfect eco-friendly source for fabrics and is highly sustainable.



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